Friday, July 31, 2015

Introducing, the Once-Explained Conifers & Citrus Interest Rankings

Barbarella. If you haven't seen it, jesus! Get on it!!
The physical, existing object is very straightforward, even simple. The...1, 2, 3rd item in the right-hand side-bar will keep a permanent, floating record of the number of times I have watched each and every club in Major League Soccer during the then-current season. It is titled, the "Conifers & Citrus Interest Rankings." I made the title font larger to make it stand out, so, hopefully, it does. At any rate, it is intended as a plain, if loose measure, as to how much each and every club in Major League Soccer interests me.

This feature will remain on that same side-bar, and reset to zero one season to the next, and for as many seasons as this blog continues to discuss the Portland Timbers, Major League Soccer, or whatever better, technologically-, perhaps genetically-enhanced, adaptation to either or both follows! Long may it live! (For as long as it interests and amuses me!)

I have some notes on this, before posting this and, literally, walking away from it (after one...OK, two, announcements on Twitter).

I like tracking this data and find it useful and informative on a number of levels. Listing the number of times I've watched each club is a pretty tight bullshit detector, for one. Notice how I say I find the Colorado Rapids fascinating, but how well does that jibe with the fact that I've watched only 4 of their 20 games (so far) this season? Yeah, yeah, the answer's obvious: they don't score all that much and too many of their games end in draws. (Draws can suck! There, I said it!) Basically, going nowhere (or seeming to) is not interesting! Next!

I've added three games to New York City FC's "viewed" tally in recent weeks, due mainly to wanting to see what their new sigings - e.g. the new, old kids like Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo, who started arriving this summer...which assumes they ever take the goddamn field. (Lookin' at you, Frankie L. The World's Most Interesting Man has already put in 25+ minutes, so, yeah, what the Hell?) The point is, playing well, or even just weird, piques the interest (see: my sudden urge to spend more time with the Houston Dynamo), much like adding foreign/unknown/hyper-aged-players-who-may-or-may-not-stroke-out-on-the-field does.

Finally, yes, I am a homer. I've missed one Portland Timbers game this season (OK, OK, all things considered, it's actually closer to 2 1/4 games, but that's, like, total time lost between all of 'em! Shit! Don't judge!!!). This will always be the case and, in all honesty, this site is supposed to lean toward Portland in its coverage. This doesn't happen for a lot of reasons (chief among them, I'm pretty sure that anyone who likes the Timbers as much as I do is following a lot of the same content), but, yeah, I got dreams. Two posts a week on the Timbers. there's something to aspire to.

And I guess that's where this ends. If any random visitor (e.g. not a Timbers person) ever thinks I'm letting my ass do the talking about his/her team, please check the side-bar before lacing into me for having not the least clue what I'm talking about. Because I might have that clue. Might, I said. Because that that number is not dispositive. Everyone has bad opinions. Then again, most people have good ones, too. The balance depends on the person. My goal is to be in with the good group...

Anyway, there's a sidebar to the right that has all this in there. I do hope that it's useful and informative to someone.

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